Hallam Foe

I watched the film ‘Hallam Foe’ and enjoyed it very much. I give it four popcorn buckets out of five. I was close to throwing up from all the popcorn. Also my dad brought some 11% Belgian beer back from his h0liday (in Belgium) and that contributed to the slightly queasy feeling.

The film is about a kid called Hallam Foe and how he tries to make sense of the world etc after the death of his mother. You could read that sentence and think ‘aw man this is going to be depressing’ but it wasn’t much of a downer. Thankfully for the viewer Hallam copes by becoming a peeping tom! With entertaining results! The lead role is played by Jamie Bell of ‘Billy Elliot’ fame. I can’t say ‘Billy Elliot’ in anything other than the bad fake geordie accent Julie Walters puts on in that film.

Hallam’s architect dad is shacked up with his former secretary and boy, does he hate that situation. He even suspects that she killed his mum in order to get at the moneys. His sister goes off to Australia to start a new life and he ends up fleeing to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a beautiful place! I visited it a few times during my brief stay in Scotland and it was fun to watch him scale the buildings and look a bit terrified near the castle in the middle of the night.

Anyway, he spots a woman who looks a lot like his late mother and she works in HR! So he gets a job and then ends up fooling around with her a bit. That whole idea seems pretty weird, and it is. The characters were very believable despite their quirks and the acting was great despite some dialogue that was very cheesy on paper. I think the cheesiness of the script helped move the film down to four popcorn buckets as opposed to five. “Will you still be beautiful in five years time?” is some cheesy crap whichever way you look at it. However in my experience people in actual real life do say things like that. In many ways I wish I didn’t pick up on the cheese.

Giving away anything else would probably be a spoiler so i’ll shut up now. The music featured in the film was great and it seems like it’s almost entirely from Domino Records bands. Scottish ones at that. I’ve been listening to Orange Juice all weekend because of it.

That was my first attempt at a film review. Please let me know how i’m doing.


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