I’ve got Ace Frehley, but not Peter Criss

Kiss are an absolutely awful band in countless ways. I refuse to buy any Kiss records/merchandise. New records at least. Gene and Paul don’t need to see any more money. Did you know that Gene Simmons’ voice advertising his ‘Family Jewels’ show comes out of urinal cakes in American bars? It’s true. His voice comes out of toilets to annoy you now. He has no shame whatsoever. Check out his sordid website for proof.

Mind you back in the day they wrote a few good tunes. They were catchy and had a few interesting ideas going on despite sounding like they were recorded by chimps playing around with instruments in a dustbin. On the first few records at least. If they had actually released one concise greatest hits album it would have been a pretty good one. Unfortunately they have put out about fifty with some of the most embarrassing pieces of music ever recorded on them (i’m looking at you “Great Expectations”). Having listened to most of the makeup-era albums on Spotify I think I may have found the best overall Kiss record and it is…the Ace Frehley solo album.

His voice isn’t as ridiculous as Gene’s or as funny as Paul’s but i’ll be damned if he doesn’t write far better songs than them! Doubtless Simmons/Stanley were already setting up for the Frehley-less future around the time of this album’s release, watching his drug and alcohol problems spiral out of control and restricting him to a maximum of one song per official Kiss album so they would be the ones making all of the cash.

What’s more, the band sound much better on this solo album! The drummer sounds especially great compared to Peter Criss who used to lightly tap his kit with frankfurters instead of drumsticks. Both he and the bassist on this album went on to play in David Letterman’s house band.

Obviously most of the songs on the album are boneheaded songs about drugs and needing your love, but they are infinitely more exciting than the majority of Kiss songs, what with the great guitar playing and catchier melodies, not to mention the backing bands ability to play things other than root notes at a mid-tempo plod. And there’s nothing anywhere near as disgraceful as “Great Expectations” (it’s so bad I had to mention it twice) or “Lick It Up” to ruin the rockin’ flow/make you throw up all over the turntable. Hear it today!


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